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Special Collection

Psycho-educational effects of the coronavirus emergency

Collection launched: 18 Sep 2020

The coronavirus emergency is challenging mainstream schools to create digital learning environments that are engaging for students who are used to working face-to-face in a socially rich context. But the true pedagogical challenge is to help students to make a sense of what is happening around them, to reconstruct their social and growth-related fabric, and to keep their process of development going despite the isolation and the greater physical distance under which they currently live.

How are your schools coping with all this? What type of distance learning tools are your schools using? Can students be involved as active learners and not just passive recipients of curriculum-related content? Can the experience and sound practices of home and hospital education be extended to mainstream schools? What are the psychological effects of isolation in children?

This collection brings together practice and research papers that tackle the above questions. The collection remains open, and we invite prospective authors to continue submitting papers on these subjects.